Why Choose Us

At Sperduto Thompson & Gassler PLC, we understand that, after success, the most important deliverable for our clients is value. We achieve this through explicit commitments to representing our clients with efficiency, responsiveness, and the agility and flexibility required to anticipate a broad range of needs.


First, we’re efficient. We know that higher cost doesn’t ensure higher quality. Due in part to our compact size and modest overhead, we are able to offer billing rates that are very attractive in comparison to the much larger firms against which we often compete in the courtroom and across the negotiating table. We staff cases leanly, often with just two attorneys unless the circumstances warrant a larger team. We also utilize technology and outside vendors as appropriate to satisfy each of our clients’ unique needs and objectives.


Second, we’re responsive. Our attorneys answer their own phones, maintain their own calendars, and promptly respond to messages and emails. We’re also committed to turning around requested work product promptly.


Third, we’re agile. We work collaboratively with clients to understand the issues they’re facing or outcomes they want to achieve. We view ourselves as part of the client’s team and strive to help clients develop strategies that not only will serve their strategic ends as efficiently as possible, but also will address practical realities and anticipate obstacles along the way.


Finally, we’re flexible. While all of our attorneys are litigators and always prepared to try a case, that’s not all we do. We are experienced at helping resolve disputes before they boil over into litigation, whether it is through thoughtful counseling at the front end of a transaction or relationship, clear-eyed analysis of rights and obligations when issues arise, or serving as effective negotiators and advocates during a mediation. Rest assured, however, that if another party initiates litigation or arbitration against one of our clients, or if affirmatively initiating such proceedings is in the client’s interests, our experienced trial attorneys are ready to join the fray.

Sperduto Thompson & Gassler welcomes you to learn more about our attorneys and our central areas of practice.