Attorneys at Sperduto Thompson & Gassler have over thirty years of experience in international litigation and arbitration. One area in which the Firm has developed extensive expertise is in Section 1782 proceedings, “Discovery in Assistance of Foreign Tribunals.” The Firm has been immersed in § 1782 cases involving foreign proceedings throughout Europe and Eurasia, and has been a player in several of the Russian litigations based on the so-called “Trump Dossier.” One of our favorite § 1782 clients was instrumental in saving American lives in, and restricting the production and distribution of heroin from, Afghanistan. He has been a client for a variety of § 1782 proceedings for over five years. But our reach goes far beyond § 1782. For example, Kim Sperduto has interviewed the former Prime Minister of India and counseled the former Prime Minister of a Eurasian nation with respect to issues involving government transparency, a free press, an independent judiciary, and the rule of law.

Most of our cases are neither as sensational as the “Dossier” nor as significant as our clients' work in Afghanistan and Eurasia. But we did win dismissal for a French client from a massive environmental Superfund case with hundreds of millions in remediation costs at stake based on a lack of personal jurisdiction, a victory affirmed by the Third Circuit. We have represented Swiss/French construction materials giant LafargeHolcim in matters both here and abroad. Our reputation for resolving disputes involving international clients has led entities and individuals — ranging from Indian internet startups to the German Historical Institute to the former American Ambassador to the Marshall Islands — to seek our counsel. We have resolved arbitration issues involving Saudi Arabian entities, extended U.S. government contracts for Bahraini companies, and facilitated dispute resolution with an Israeli-based U.S. government contractor. We have won a dispute on behalf of a Ukrainian client involving licensing rights for purchase by the Republic of Ukraine of American-made heavy agricultural equipment that involved OPIC financing.

The Firm’s reputation that attracts our international clients, or our American clients with international disputes, is based on our relentless, creative, tenacious, responsive, and cost-effective approach to litigation, arbitration, and all forms of dispute resolution.

Attorneys:  Kim Hoyt Sperduto