One of the most vexing forms of litigation is employment litigation. Sperduto Thompson & Gassler represents both employers and employees in resolving these personal, and sometimes highly emotional, disputes.

As the American workforce continues to diversify and decentralize, with more and more employees working from home or telecommuting, work-related litigation issues become increasingly complex. Employment allegations ranging from the legitimate to the frivolous — and the more complex cases where human conduct is more subtle or opaque — can create expensive pitfalls for employers and distract any office from the business at hand.

The Firm is experienced in the full array of Human Relations management issues. For example, a frequent form of modern employment litigation in our ever-more mobile workforce involves allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets. Our attorneys have handled dozens of cases involving such claims. We have represented a world-renowned chef in discrimination allegations against both him and his kitchen. We have represented a national real estate developer on discrimination claims at far-flung development sites. We have dealt with age, race, national origin, and sex discrimination cases. We have handled cases including ERISA claims, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other forms of employment disputes.

The Firm’s strength in employment cases is based on our experience, insight, and knowledge of human behavior; one person’s “hostile environment” can be another’s “well-organized and highly-structured” workplace. The scandalous cases are easy — our attorneys excel in resolving those cases where human conduct is more complicated, and human behavior on both sides is motivated by multiple competing objectives.

Attorneys:  Kim Hoyt Sperduto