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Articles | Kim Hoyt Sperduto

Mediated Investigative E-Discovery — Marian Riedy, Suman Beros, Kim Sperduto, Federal Courts Law Review, April 2006.

Effective Termination Procedures Can Minimize The Risk of Employee Instigated Litigation — T. Stewart Rauch, July 2006

International Litigation Discovery Opportunities Emerge As Supreme Court Decants New Wine In Old Bottles; Tastings Vary — Kim Sperduto and T. Stewart Rauch, February 2006.

Rethinking TIG Specialty And Its Implications For Application Of The Insured Vs. Insured Exclusion — Kim Sperduto, October 2005.

The Duty Of Due Care From The Developer's Perspective — Kim Sperduto, October 2005.

An Examination Of Goodwill Valuation Methodologies — Dr. Brian C. Becker, Kim Sperduto, and Marian Riedy, July 2002.

Reinsurance Arbitration: The Problem of Impartiality — Charles W. Havens III and Kim Sperduto, The Journal of Insurance Regulation, March 1983.

Articles | Kim Hoyt Sperduto

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After the pandemic, one can reasonably expect much litigation as parties endeavor to allocate legal responsibility for unprecedented circumstances. Careful preparation now is critical to maximizing results in the litigation aftermath. Read More
In December 2018, the Nevada Supreme Court held that the consequential damages for which an insurer may be liable when it breaches the duty to defend are not constrained by the insurance policy’s limit of liability. Read More

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“Kim forecast the ebb and flow of our case, predicted the opponents’ moves, and even projected where all the players would be when the music stopped.”
– Strategic Communications Consultant, Washington D.C.

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